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EPI is the pioneer and world's leading practitioner of oxo-biodegradable technology and has the experience and technical knowledge to design additive systems for polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene to meet widely varying needs for shelf and service life and degradation performance in a range of disposal medium and situations.

The overall process, from polymer to water, carbon dioxide and biomass is called OXO-BIODEGRADATION

EPI's TDPA formulations catalyze or accelerate this reaction and increase the rate of the degradation by several orders of magnitude - i.e. 100's to 1000's of times faster, making TDPA incorporated products degrade and physically disintegrate within a few weeks to 1-2 years, depending on the formulation and the disposal environment.

Specifications For Bio-Degradable Dog Bags

Product Title: K9 Community Dog Bag
Item Number: K9 Bio Degradable Bag - 01
Brand: EPI Bio-Degradable
Size: 4" x 8"
Color: White with Black lettering