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About Us

Our Business is Advertising, Our Passion is Dogs

With 10 years of experience and 6 years in operation, K9 Community Clean has been assisting municipalities to off-set cities park department costs in local dog parks trails. We supply bio degradable dog waste bags and dispensers free of charge to the municipalities. Currently we are working with the municipalities of Surrey, Langley, Richmond, District of North Vancouver, Port Coquitlam and White Rock.

K9 Community Clean provides you, the business owner, with a cost effective way to put your business directly in touch with dog owners by positioning as a Park Partner. We offer a variety of advertising opportunities and will work with your business to provide a solution that fits.

Our Bio-Degradable Bags

We use the latest in plastics technology called" OXO-BIODEGRATION.

The chemical degradation process involves the reaction of very large polymer molecules of plastics, which contain only carbon and hydrogen, with oxygen in the air. This reaction occurs even without prodegradant additives but at a very slow rate. That is why conventional plastics, when discarded, persist for a long time in the environment.

Services we provide for City Parks & Trails

K9 Community Clean has a couple of options to help with you cities dog park and trails needs.

1- We have the best quality and prices for bio degradable dog waste bags
2- We supply dog bag dispenser and dog bag dispensing systems
3- K9 Community Clean has 5 years of dog park experience. Which we are happy to share with your city planners in the design of dog parks.
4- We can design and build your park for you
5- Cities can off set dog bag and dispensing cost with aligning local businesses with dispensing locations to pay for those areas cost. Ie - advertising

Please contact our team today to learn more - scott@k9communityclean.com

Property Management Services

As more and more new Buildings are being built in the greater Vancouver Area, most are offering a small designated area for pets, allowing pet owners to be able to take there dog out into a private area in their existing living space.

K9 Community Clean can help with any of your residential properties needs. From bio degradable dog waste bags, dispensing locations, to dog park design and construction. Please contact us today to learn more.

Dog Park Design & Construction

K9 Community Clean has most recently embarked on Dog Park Design and development. K9 Community Clean will work with your designated park area and within your budget to create an award winning off leash dog park.

- Designing
- Landscaping
- Construction
- Gazebos
- Billboard installation
- Watering areas- for both dogs and humans
- Plumbing
- Fencing
- Gates
- Garbage can installation
- Dog bag dispensers
- Dog bags
- Washroom facilities for dog owners
- Bench seating

Recycling Improvements From 1980 - 2015

In 1980, our society was only recycling a poor 8% of all recyclable Items. Vast improvements over the last 35 years has now made it possible for us to all do our part to improve recycling in our homes and for our community. Recycling is clearly a waste-management strategy, but it can also be seen as one current example of implementing the concept of industrial ecology, whereas in a natural ecosystem there are no wastes but only products.

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