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Advertising with K9 Community Clean

Advertising with K9 Community Clean has created a fantastic way to help out in your business community with Park Partnerships. Couple of benefits are:

1. - Provides fantastic service to your business community with the supply of bio degradable dog waste bags and your chosen locations.

2. - With your Park Partnership sponsorship dollars you will receive an ad at your chosen locations. This ad is not only an ad but a true community message from your business to the local park and trail users. A message about your businesses involvement with helping to keep the park and trail users areas clean, green and safe.

We have several available advertising options to help you with your needs. There are several sizes on our park boards for you to choose from, as well as advertising on our dog bags. Please contact us today to start your Park Partnership with K9 Community Clean

Below is a list of the municipalities and the parks in which we are currently situated

k9 community clean
k9 community clean

Port Coquitlam

  • Aggie Park
  • Blakeburn Park
  • Brown Creek Trail
  • Castle Park
  • Cedar Park
  • Cedar & Victoria Trail
  • Central Park
  • Chelsea Park
  • Citadel Landing
  • Citadel Park
  • Coutts Park
  • Davies Park
  • Elk & Donald
  • Fortress Park
  • Gates Park
  • Hyde Park
  • Lions Park
  • Maple Street Park
  • McLean Park
  • Peace Park
  • PoCo Trails
  • Red Bridge
  • Robert Hope Park
  • Routley
  • Settlers Park
  • Shaughnessy Dog Park
  • Spani Boulevard
  • Sun Valley Park

North Vancouver

  • Eldon Park
  • Grouse Mtn-Parking Lot
  • Mosquito Creek Trail
  • Princess Park
  • Braemar / Dempsey Park
  • Hunter Creek Park
  • Inter River Creek Park
  • Bridgeman Park
  • Harbourview Park
  • Cates Park
  • Bridgeman Park
  • Harbourview Park
  • East Cates Park
  • Myrtle Park
  • Quarry Rock Trail
  • Welch Strip Park
  • Norgate Strip Park
  • McCartney Park
  • Swineburne Park
  • Strathcona Park
  • Raeburn Road
  • Deep Cove - 2 Spots
  • Panorama Park


  • McDonald Beach
  • Dyke Trail-No3 Road
  • Hamilton Park
  • Old Cambie School Field
  • Shell Road Trail
  • Horseshoe Trail
  • Britannia Heritage Park
  • Imperial Landing
  • Garden City Park
  • Gary Point(East & North)
  • Pork Chop Park
  • South Arm Park
  • Dover Dog Park


  • Tannery Road Park
  • Freedom Park
  • Serpentine Park
  • Forsyth Dog Park
  • Kennedy Park
  • Dogwood Dog Park
  • Clayton Park
  • Panorama Dog Park
  • Blackie Spit Park
  • Bolivar Dog Park


  • Langley Off-Leash Park
    206th & 44th Ave.
  • LynnWood Dog Park

White Rock

  • Centennial Park