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The K9 Shop

K9 Community Clean has now partnered up with Earth Options to provide nutritious pet food for your convienience.
With every purchase of dog food, receive some of our K9 Community Clean dog bags free of charge as our gift to you.
As well we provide free "DOG FOOD DELIVERY" for the following areas in the Vancouver Lower Mainland Area:
  • Surrey, Langley, White Rock
  • For more information please contact linda@k9communityclean.com

    Grain-Free Turkey
    Simplicity Dog Food

    This single protein dry dog food recipe works magic for sensitive stomachs, skin issues and yeast build up. Can be fed to dogs of all life stages and breeds. An excellent alternative to a fish based diet.

    $39.95 - $76.95 - $153.90

    Grain-Free Salmon
    Simplicity Dog Food

    Natural dry dog food proven to be beneficial for dogs with stomach, skin or some grain sensitivities. Salmon is an amazing source of omega 3-fatty acids which provide support to the immune system.

    $39.95 - $76.95 - $153.90

    Superfood Grain -Free
    Dog Food

    A grain free blend of dry dog superfood ingredients. Designed as a moderate protein recipe so that it is easily assimilated without gastric discomfort. Perfectly balanced and can be used in all life stages.

    $39.95 - $76.95 - $153.90

    Chicken Performance
    Dog Food

    Natural dry dog food packed with fresh chicken, farm fresh veggies, fruits and loaded with omega fatty acids. High Chicken meat content, moderate protein and fat levels. Probiotics are the key for proper digestion.
    Beeders Choice.

    $38.95 - $72.95 - $145.90

    Lamb Optimal Protection
    Dog Food

    Natural dry dog food with a universal choice of protein because it is easily digested. NO poultry or fish protein in this recipe. Can be compared to bison this recipe is ideal for all life stages.

    $39.95 - $74.95 - $149.90

    Chicken Optimal Weight
    Dog Food

    Natural dry dog food designed to maintain optimal weight, this recipe features glucosamine and chondroitin providing structure to bones, cartilage and other body tissue. A low protein, low fat combo which provide chicken, fruit and veggies. Ideal for all life stages but especially overweight and large breed dogs

    $38.95 - $72.95 - $145.90

    Feline Indoor Optimal Weight
    Cat Food

    This dry cat food recipe contains three unique meat proteins all working together to keep your furry carnivore in pack hunting condition. Helps to reduce or eliminate hairballs. Our improved recipe contains a an increased amount of fiber. Perfect for indoor cats.

    $34.95 - $62.95

    Dog Bags

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